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G Suite Microsoft BPOS compared.

G Suite V Microsoft BPOS

G Suite and Microsoft Business Productivity online suite are both hosted services, however G Suite scores heavily in the price and storage space. G Suite costs only $50 per user for 25GB, whereas Microsoft BPOS costs $120 per user for 1GB. The Microsoft Exchange Online Standard (does not have document sharing) which is a shared server with no redundancy cost's $60/user/year.

Feature comparison

Storage Google offers 30 GB per user Microsoft 1 GB per user
Price Google is $50 per user per year Microsoft bills in monthly increments at $10 per user per year, coming out to $120 a year
Document Collaboration Google offers their Google Docs service Microsoft gives you nothing. You have to pay extra for hosted Sharepoint.
Desktop email client integration Google provides IMAP and POP access, but uploading calendars and contacts requires a Google Desktop Sync application that only runs on Windows. Microsoft Exchange and Outlook integration is built in from the start.
Web client G Suite was built from the ground up for the browser, and it shows. This is fairly evident with the popularity of GMail, which is the corner stone of G Suite Exchange Outlook Web Access (OWA) has been improved but cannot be compared. to the usability of GMail.
Intranet G Suite offers the Sites service, which is like an extremely stripped down version of Sharepoint. As I stated earlier, Sharepoint is an extra monthly cost for BPOS.
Shared Calendar Excellent implementation of collaborative calendars. Calendars present but not shared.
IM/Chat G Suite offers this out of the box with the Google Talk application. The option is not there even if you are willing to pay for it with Microsoft currently.
Tasks Present Present
Mobile Phone Integration G Suite support is all over the map, with Blackberry being the best supported, then the iPhone. Email/contact/calendar sync is also seamless. Exchange also supports almost all smartphones. Email/contact/calendar sync is also good.
Video conferencing This is a new feature from Google, but one that is a key differentiator in my opinion. Microsoft does not offer it.
Support Google provides 24/7 phone & email support. They also have very good online documentation. Microsoft provides 24/7 phone & email support.
Active Directory Integration There are ways to integrate G Suite with active directory, but it requires some Python scripts. No surprise here, hosted Exchange is much easier to integrate with AD(which is a Microsoft product).

Out of all of these features, it is the seemingly simple things that appeal to most G Suite users; things such as intuitive collaborative calendaring that integrates seamlessly with the other functions such as Gmail. For service-based companies or any other business that requires constant, reliable contact Google's offerings can be a breath of fresh air. Other features such as from-anywhere email access, company name-based email, and the extremely intuitive Gmail interface for all email also make G Suite a popular option.

As you can see, G Suite just beat out Hosted Exchange. The key was all those extras that Google throws in and that Microsoft does not. Interested to switch to G Suite, Use the Quick Connect Form at the top right hand corner and we will get back to you soon.