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G Suite Lotus Notes/Dominos compared

G Suite for Business V Lotus Notes/Domino

This is a difficult comparison as it is like comparing apples to oranges. Lotus Notes & Domino is a Rapid Application Development Environment with a built-in Security Infrastructure, Directory, and Clustering. Applications (of which one is mail and calendaring) can be used remotely on a disconnected client machine because of best-in-industry Replication; the same applications can also be used as web applications on the server. Servers can run on most server platforms (not just Windows) and support most industry standard protocols including SMTP, LDAP, POP3, IMAP, and MIME. All of these features have been added through the years while maintaining backwards compatibility, so much so that an R2 application (10 yrs old) can be used with today's server.

As you can see the problem lies in the product description itself. Creating Applications, Maintaining and upgrading Lotus Notes & Domino versions etc is not the core competency of most companies, which is why more & more organizations are wanting to make the switch to G Suite.

Lotus Notes & Domino users have been complaining about outdated tools for years. As a result, IT leaders, frustrated with IBM's software lifecycle and pressured by shrinking IT budgets, are challenging the status quo.

In short the functional differences between two here may not be many but when it comes to the Total Cost of Ownership the balance tilts heavily in favor of G Suite.

G Suite for Business costs $50 per user per year where as the TCO for Lotus Notes/Domino would be around $350 per year per user.

Customer Testimonials

"Why would we want to spend our bandwidth and very talented, highly paid resources fighting something that's not a core competency of our company?" - J. Kerr, Support Systems Manager,

"We were searching for an innovative way to significantly reduce our office infrastructure costs while simultaneously improving user collaboration and productivity. Our pilot with G Suite demonstrates that this target is achievable." - Andre Gold, Technical Senior Vice-President, Valeo

"We calculated out over a five-year period and realized that we could achieve a 60% reduction in our email system Total Cost of Ownership by moving to G Suite." - Louis Gary, Manager of Client Services, Hamilton Beach

"Email is critical to our work, but we're trying to simplify IT. We want to maintain less infrastructure, and G Suite allows us to do that." - Brent Hoag, IT Director, JohnsonDiversey "People adopted the features almost instinctively, so training was not focused on tools but on the change in our way of working." - Andre Gold, Technical Senior Vice-President, Valeo

As you can see, G Suite miles ahead of Lotus Notes/Domino when in comes to Total Cost of Ownership. Interested in saving further capital investment? switch to G Suite, Use the Quick Connect Form at the top right hand corner and we will get back to you soon.